About us

What is Mondofy?

It’s a publishing house focused on supporting and encouraging writers of all age, beginners or seniors, from all over the place. You can submit your work from South Africa, East Asia, West America or North Europe, it doesn’t matter. We guarantee that every manuscript will be analysed with the same special attention. In fact, you can be a blue martian typing from Olympus Mons. If you’re 18 years old, you have an internet connection and you decided this is the moment others should see your work, read in Services page what we can do for you.

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Fiction and non-fiction

We accept submissions in English and Romanian language for both fiction and non-fiction works. By fiction, we mean drama, general fiction, historical fiction, horror, paranormal, romance, scifi&fantasy, short stories, thriller, and crime&mistery. Non-fiction is for biografy&memoirs, business, management, economy, technical, medical, cookbook, astrology&occult, spirituality, and personal development.

There are no deadlines for submissions. We only ask to give us 30-45 days to answer because every piece of work is being subjected to a thorough analysis.