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Starting with the 1st of September until 31st of September 2020 we are accepting manuscripts for our Fantasy Novel contest. The winner will be announced on the 15th of October 2020.

General rules

This is a competition for those who never published, although if you self-published before, you still can participate with a different novel.

Simultaneous submissions accepted. You must not be represented by a literary agent or currently under contract with another publisher, at the point of submission. If you receive an offer of representation while your novel is under consideration, you must inform us and withdraw.

Judges’ decision is final. Copyright remains with the author before and after submission, except for the winner.

Winner will be published by Mondofy Ltd.

Specific rules

You must be at least 18 years old at the submission date to participate.

Your work must have min 50000 words and max 150000 words, written in English and never published before in electronic or print format. Make sure you are the author and have full rights to the manuscript.

Submit your work and synopsis as PDF, doc. or docx. using the SUBMIT button on home page (right corner).

Synopsis must have 400 words maximum. On the synopsis file, make sure you write your contact data. Full name, address and email address are mandatory. This is strictly confidential and only editors who evaluate the work can see the information.

Entries can be typed on any font you choose but we prefer you do it with Arial 12, single-spaced, with no format on pages.

Save the file with title AUTHOR NAME – BOOK TITLE. Pen names allowed if mentioned in synopsis file.

No need for cover books. No handwritten/photo submissions.

Helpful ideas

The plot is at your imagination, although vampires kissing werewolves are obsolete.

We prefer to see mythological creatures, old gods or epic worlds with eerie beings.

There are no limits to your imagination. We just want to read a captivating story with a lot of action and credible characters.

Good luck!

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