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Lynn Reid has, and that’s not even the weirdest thing that’s happened to her in the last ten minutes.

Lynn’s ability to see things outside human perception makes her the ideal candidate to join the multiverse police. However, after a bungled first mission and an unfortunate encounter with a basketful of anchovies, Lynn starts to wonder if she’s really cut out for multiversal work. When she turns to her copy of the Field Agent’s Manual for reassurance, she stumbles across a faded note that leads her to a cover-up spanning two decades and several worlds.

Now, Lynn must work to uncover the damning secret behind the note before the next End of the World, Amen.


“A jump room was like a Code blender, or so Zack had described it after my first trans-dimensional jump, at least. I was still fuzzy on the particulars, mostly because I’d been too busy trying not to throw up after we’d materialized on the other side. Right now, we were about to jump to Santa Juanita. I looked forward to it about as much as N16 Europe had looked forward to the Spanish Plague.

BEACON PLANTED, chimed an artificial voice that sounded far too cheerful for what was about to happen. JUMP IN FIVE… FOUR… THREE…

I took a big breath.


Here we g-


The world turned upside-down, inside-out, and all kinds of wrong. I felt myself get pulled into the void and reasoned that, if hell was a thing, this was how people got to it.

After forever, I opened one eye, then the other, and then I gulped in a breath of fresh, salty air. A chilly breeze ruffled my hair. The sky was a pale pink overhead and darkening towards the east, and murky water sloshed against a rocky beach.”



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About the Author


Keira North is a Romanian-born nonbinary author and a proud global citizen. They’ve lived, studied, and worked in Japan, Ireland, and the UK. They’re a passionate gamer who sunk over a thousand hours into the XCOM franchise and consider it time very well spent.

Keira has been writing stories since they were old enough to hold a pen. Their first ‘novel’ was an X-Men fanfic that came well before the age of Internet fan collectives and They credit authors like Terry Pratchett, Christie Golden, and Douglas Adams for inspiring them to stick to this path.

If you are curious about the characters or simply want to know more, check the author’s webpage here

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