The 4D Printed Apocalypse (Epub)


A rejected suicide application, an insight from the devil’s image consultant, and the ramblings of the dog who wiped out humanity. In other words, a brief collection of endings, penned by the ones who made them happen.

Affectionately dubbed by their author „corporate sci-fi”, the stories in The 4D Printed Apocalypse are a blend of office humor, the absurd, and science fiction. While their genre may hit home with amateurs of magical realism and soft sci-fi fans, their topics will likely land on any conoisseur of the mundane.

Penned between 2012 and 2016, these stories have never been officially published before, only reaching the awards and honorable mentions lists of a few UK and US competitions. Why now? Because the vanity of corporate life and tone-deaf songs of social media have reached their peak. And also, because the Apocalypse is slowly becoming a historical event.

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About the author:

Vlad Stoiculescu is 33-year-old a Romanian author of children’s books, medical drama, and short sci-fi stories. With an extensive background in advertising and marketing, Vlad has published several works in his home country: a set of children’s books, a collection of Sci-Fi stories, and Broken Toys, a novel. Aside from these, he’s known to occasionally blog and tackle game design.

Initially published in Romania in 2018, Broken Toys is a humorous non-fiction autobiographical book dealing with a harrowing medical experience (a liver transplant). Translated in English and German, it’s gearing up to hit those respective European markets. The 4D Printed Apocalypse (and 13 other stories about the imminent end of the world) is Vlad’s first book to be written entirely in English and exclusively published outside his home country.


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