The Palace of Darkened Windows


Adventure novel.

If you like Cairo, the sun, and adventures, then this book is for you.


Billy B. Hill was having tea in Cairo when he overheard a conversation between a young English gentleman and Arlee Beecher, a young American lady.

Arlee Beecher was walking alone with a native, which shocked the English gentleman.

However, Arlee Beecher, who saw nothing wrong with walking with an Oxford-educated gentleman, fought back against the English gentleman.

After all was said and done, Arlee Beecher left the Englishman in a rage.

After witnessing this exchange, Billy B. Hill concludes that Arlee Beecher required a strong hand to teach her how a proper girl should behave.

However, as Billy becomes more involved with Arlee, he realises that her spirit and mind are not so easily bent to his will.

And maybe her bohemian ways weren’t so bad after all.


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