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You just typed The end on your manuscript and you’re happy. That’s fantastic, and you should be glad. Many authors quit their story after the first chapter or in mid-action. But this is a subject you can read about on our blog page.

As a proud finalist, you wonder, know what? Now comes the not so funny part. What does it mean?

After finishing your draft, be aware you’re staring at a raw, unpolished piece of work. We know you love your characters, the storyline seems realistic, and you wouldn’t change a word. You have to.

We Provide The Best Service In Industry

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Yeah, but, I don’t know where to start.

We do.

First, we analyze your manuscript for syntax, punctuation, typos and letter omissions. We will insert diacritics for the Romanian language. It’s a must. We call it copy editing.

Then we’ll process the text following the rule of the four holy words of writing – simplicity, clarity, elegance and evocativeness. We look for redundancy, double negation, passive voice, slang. This is the line edit.

The manuscript is now adapted to the reader’s requirements, and it’s ready for the last corrections. The last filter will detect the smooth mistakes – any errors that escaped from copy editing, tables, graphics and covers. This final stage is called proofreading.

Do you feel it’s too much, and you don’t want all these services? That’s fine. Talk to us on the submission page and we’ll make an offer for your personal need.


Yeah, but, am I ready for publishing now?

Not yet. Your book still needs a cover. Canva is a great, free tool with plenty of photos you can choose. You and other thousands of people on Earth. If you want your book cover to look different, professional, and to gather attention, you better let our illustrators do it. Do you need more information? Go to the submission page and ask your question.

Yeah, but, I don’t know how to market my book.

Don’t worry. We know that no matter how good your work is, without a well-developed strategy and promotion, people will ignore it. That’s why we constantly campaign on Facebook and Instagram. If you decide to publish with us, you’ll have our publishing house name on your cover and an ISBN. That shows customers your book has been edited and approved by professionals and raises your sellings. In addition, your book will have a photo and a short description on our site so people know who you are and what they are buying. Every book will have its post on Facebook on launch day.

We advise everyone to create at least an author page on Facebook to promote their book. If you need support with your page or blog let us know on the submission section.

Yeah, but, I still have a lot of questions and no answers.

That’s great. That’s why we created the submission page. Tell us what you need to know and how can we help. You can choose one, many or all the plans described above. The prices we perform are calculated based on word count and the complexity of the document. You might agree, a romance novel is much easier to edit than a technical manual.

Extra services

Because we know how hard it is for you to find relevant feedback among your friends or family, we can offer a professional point of view. Send us a synopsis and a couple of chapters to cover 20000-25000 words. We’ll let you know if you’re on the right path or your writings need improvement. The price is £200, paid in advance. You will receive two or three pages (A4 format, Calibri font, 12, single space) with everything we think you are doing right or wrong.

We can also do a beta reading for any type of manuscript. The process does not include proofreading or editing services. For £50 paid in advance, we will send you a professional point of view in two pages (A4 format, Calibri font, 12, single space) with the strengths and weaknesses of your text.

Mondofy publishing house can do book translations – Romanian/English and English/Romanian. The price for translations also depends on word count and difficulty level. All translations benefit from the three stages of editing as described above.